Patched Jeans / Reworked Vintage Jeans with Patches Women 30 Waist

This is Hand-Reworked Vintage Jeans with Patches Women 30 Waist
: 28 New Patches in Front of Jeans / Hand Sewn
: Good Quality Patches Made in Thailand
: Vintage Jeans / Made in Korea
: Good Condition Vintage
: Blue Jean
: 5 Pockets
: Process Time 3-5 business days
: All orders will ship within 3-5 business days after we receive and confirm payment.
: Payments are only accepted via PayPal. No other forms of payment are accepted at this time.
: We don't accept checks payment

Waists 30" 
Hips: 36" 
Length: 34"

Only 1 available
Price: $150.00 USD
Ship to everywhere: $15.00 USD - $18.00 USD

Contact Info
Twitter: @Joyly
Instagram: @kodchaphorn24
LINE ID: @Diamondapril24
Bangkok, Thailand

Thank you

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